A Brief History about Zinduka International

Zinduka International is a Film and Entertainment Company founded in 2007 by the now C.E.O. Martin Ndichu.

Our mission is ‘To purge the now ailing entertainment arena and to bring back to sanity the area of visual and performing arts by introducing godly principles.’ We specialize in filming as an art where we engage in all the dynamics that pertain to the field. We don’t condone mediocrity, average or just merely passable performance. People don’t buy average; you must be a master at what you do.

The nation of media, arts and entertainment has been used to erode morals to a hazardous extent. However at Zinduka International, we believe in the law of exact reciprocal; what can be used to kill can be used to heal. You just have to put the right people in the right place and positive change begins to take effect. This is where we come in handy, to reverse the vice and in its place plant the good.